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標題: Man accidentally wounding a poor family in the warmth of the police to open a ti [打印本頁]

作者: grz64m1n3    時間: 2013-12-17 12:59     標題: Man accidentally wounding a poor family in the warmth of the police to open a ti

's residence under surveillance enforcement notices secretly clip 200 dollars. Gratitude for the police to enforce the law in addition to showing the human face, the police yesterday,,abercrombie roma, Chen was sent to the pennant. Last December 29 at 12 am, Wudang Road police station and Li Yi Xu Yang Sheng Chen received together with a report that someone on site to fight, was injured. They arrived at the scene after that,abercrombie hoodies, it was the site of migrant workers Tangmou noon after dinner,mulberry clutch bags, washing dishes being accidentally hit Chen, Chen will just take a bowl of hot water poured hit. Chen Sui and Tang altercation occurred after the two tussle occurred. Chen took around a piece of wood to pound Tang, Tang will be knocked to the ground. After identification, the right of two rib fractures Tangmou for minor injuries. Chen back to the police station in the process of taking note,,chaussure louboutin femme, Xu Yang Sheng and Li Yi Chen learned that Chen family is very difficult, there is a 25-year-old disabled son,,hollister magasin, is not only blind, paralyzed legs,louboutin chaussures, illness, life can not take care of themselves, only by Chen modest subsistence wages. Chen has been pleading,christian louboutin boots,, saying that if he was caught, the home of the son of nobody. Xu Yang Sheng and Li Yi Chen ordered to report to a police station in this case the leadership and to visit Chen dwelling. "Their home is indeed difficult, father and son rented a small and tide basement. His son lying on the bed,louboutin, eating and sleeping in the one place. "Xu Yang Sheng told reporters:" Chen,hollister roma, 50 years old,,abercrombie milano, usually at the site elevation reinforced monthly rely on this money to the children to see a doctor and dinner. "In order to mitigate the punishment for Chen, the police and police leadership in several of the extent permitted by law to do the work for Tang, Chen finally agreed to make Tangmou understanding. According to relevant laws and regulations,, the public security organs to monitor decisions Chen residence. When Chen sent to residential surveillance Enforcement Notice,, Xu Yang Sheng told him, in violation of laws and regulations is sure to accept the punishment. Then, Xu Yang rose to a notice sent to residential surveillance Chen hands. Let Chen did not expect that, even in this notice tucked inside 200 dollars. At the hands of the notice and the money,christian louboutin soldes,, Chen moved to the eyes are red. 18 morning,mulberry antony bag, Chen once again came to Wudang Road police station, this time he took both sides of the banner. "Investigators fair, I convinced. "Chen said, the police handling of the human touch to his heart warm.

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