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Dozens of people cheated to Myanmar to gamble debt was seized drug money

'Seba' money ...... and as a result : was brought to the casino 'play a few', and finally are indebted, "October 9, Tengchong, a small hotel, the night has come,mulberry outlet, 张子玉 from Hubei looks pale, they live in a total of 6 people. hostel in the October 8 morning, he and 杨军光, Zhejiang 梁成刚 from Henan were freed from the foreign affairs office of Tengchong Myanmar Panwa. "My family in Hubei rural areas, his family was poor, think outside to go to work, and no opportunities." Zhang Zaiyu speaking in a chamber Hubei recalled his experience in Myanmar. He said that this year in March when met fellow workers in Guangxi Zhang, Zhang said his friend Liu mining in Burma, you can go there to work,air jordan 3, "the annual salary of 200,000, has run a passport, travel expenses can be reimbursed in the past. "It seems a bright future waiting Zhangzi Yu, May 19, he and Zhang flew to Yunnan and arrive on the same day 21:00 Mans. A man claiming to Ryu airport to greet friends, then sat four hours by car to the border with Burma and Yunnan Beach Street. Then he got on a jeep, when is the next day at 2 pm. "I asked to run with no passport, the passport to pick people say not to do, I realized that the smuggling abroad." To Slate, the Zhangzi Yu was placed in a local hotel in East China. "The next morning more than 10 points, Ryu to pick us up, saying it was out inspection visits." Out of the hotel, a dozen meters away, Ryu will they brought into a building,air jordan v, "we go to know is a casino, which few people are gambling. "Ryu said casually play, Zhang Zaiyu want to just play with it nothing. "He gave me a few thousand dollars in chips, he is also next to the play." At the start of play, 张子玉 lost 100,000, and Liu, who has continually brought him chips to 15:00 and more, Zhang Zaiyu have gambled away all chips, but when he wants to go, Liu, who has brought an IOU, "I looked at actually owed 1 million, Zhang owed 3.2 million." with 张子玉,botte louboutin, Zhang's still the same situation came from Henan and fellow Zhao Qingping. July 20 23 am,nike air jordan, Zhang Qingping came from Henan, Yunnan Tengchong, together with his fellow Zhao have, "he said Myanmar had acquaintances, can work." July 21 14 am, they cheated to Burma casino. "Wang took Zhang IOU let me sign, I was asked and I have no relationship, Wang said no, so I signed up and he used his own list for a number of chips to play with, and gave me some and told me to play, to 19:00 and more, we have lost all the chips. Wang with four people came over and asked me for money, that I lost thousands, there is my signature on the list and I have no money, they will bring me to the hotel shut up,air jordan 5, let me walk around. and threaten me to say no refund will be dead and I had contact with the family, the family find a way, within three days, according to the account designated by their exchange of thirty thousand. "" a Hemou understanding of female villagers told me to Slate casinos 'drain', that is, loan sharking, said a lot of money. "from Zhejiang Liang came to Slate in the early morning of March 29. "She was very familiar with the casino, I will bring $ 50,000 to her hotel to live down in the south." Second day at noon, the beam was brought into the casino, "casino where nobody was playing, Hemou call me play that won a few thousand, the equivalent of 'Seba', I won five thousand to start, go for cash and was told not exchangeable So, then play in the afternoon, lost 90,000., I did not say who So much money,mulberry purse sale, and so on and then returning home, Hemou said it does not matter. did not think the second day he lost 500,000 last they will shut me up. "abuse no money to eat," house with no windows, only Several palm-sized holes,cheap abercrombie and fitch, dark; thugs points once every 15 minutes were not promised beaten; one meal a day; day to give the house to play dozens of calls, the content is money ...... "owed 10 Wan gambling! Qingping family in the designated account to the casino after importing thirty thousand yuan, no longer able to raise money. "They shut me a few days, do not pay back the money threatening, it will kill me and I said some home business, I need to take care of in order to raise money to go back yet. They asked what my family who came to replace the casino I do 'hostage', I can go out and finally I had to call my brother. "brother Zhang Qingping after receiving a phone call on July 23, 杨军光 came to Burma. "It was my brother said he owed a gambling debt in Burma, so I went out to replace him." Yang Junguang thought only to be detained as "hostages," but things are far from simple. Yang Junguang came five days before the recall, "a lifetime to forget." He stay in a hotel, there are two specialized guard, let him walk around. But by the sixth day, July 29 evening, several men bound him with tape will come with a black bag to trap the head away from the hotel. Yang Junguang recalls, "I put on a car they will probably open half an hour, and so opened the hood off, I found to a row of bungalows." Yang Junguang now know, was detained lived in a small bungalow distance But three or four hundred meters from the hotel. By Yang Junguang description, a modern version of the "prison" surfaced in front of us: a total of four rows of small bungalows,chaussures louboutin, there are about 30, each with only four or five square meters in size. The room has no windows, only three palm-sized holes, the door is iron, if you do not turn on the lights, the room was pitch dark. Some of these rooms have a simple bed, while others have nothing. Yang Junguang "lucky" to be locked up in a house with a bed, but no blankets and other supplies. Corridor outside the casino is fifty-six who patrol back and forth, they were "very dedicated" to three shifts, every fifteen minutes for the person named in the house once. In addition to the prison the same as the black house,louboutin rouge, 杨军光 also experience the once seen only in movies corporal punishment: five or six o'clock every morning called up, toe against the wall, arm lift, face standing against the wall, a station that day. "Although the house was dark, had to be careful if you get lazy, thugs who will patrol flashlight from the outside, and if found to be lazy,mulberry handbags, will inevitably have to endure a beating." In a small hostel in Tengchong, Yang Junguang made a "standard action. " Let 杨军光 not forget there is a small house supply of rice, "only one meal a day, sometimes more than ten in the morning on the dinner, and sometimes more than four in the afternoon. Every meal from the gates they will sent in a small window, eating a bowl then handed out small bowls, dishes are vegetarian. "And is this little meals, sometimes eating vain," They forced us to call home for money If you want money, they will not give anything to eat, make you hungry a few days. "about 175 cm tall Yang Junguang looks very thin body, with his brother Zhang Qingping's words," like a skinny pole When I saw him, just out of all recognition. "can be regarded as a routine beatings.杨军光 said: "The general lobby every morning from 8:00 to the dark room,cheap shoes, let me call home, according to hands-free phone calls, and then must call the family in accordance with their religion,christian louboutin pas cher, anyway content is money." In Yang Junguang legs, bruising backs scars still remained "the most ruthless five people once took me to play, in addition to the head, where they are playing, played a full half an hour, until I was lying on the ground could not move, just let myself struggling to crawl back into the house. "张子玉 detained encounter seems even worse than 杨军光. "April-square-meter house, only a palm-sized holes, no beds, concrete is wet." Zhangzai Yu said he had cerebral thrombosis, nearly five months, he has lost 30 kilos, In the house were beaten black weighs twice. Disclaimer: This article represents only the personal views of the author, has nothing to do with Phoenix. Its originality,christian louboutin, as well as in the statements and content without the site confirmed on this article and in which all or part of the contents, text authenticity, completeness,air jordan femme, timeliness, without any guarantee or promise, the reader is for reference only, and please verify their own content.